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Speed Skater Drills For Stronger Legs On Dry Land


If you’ve ever seen the legs on professional speed skaters, you’ll notice an impressive amount of muscularity combined with explosive strength. In this article, we will discuss two speed skater drills that you can incorporate right into your leg training repertoire. These 2 drills come courtesy of Speed Skater. There are plenty of other interesting speed skater drill here as well, but I found these two to be very unique and most effective at targeting areas of your legs that you might not have felt before. Here are two drills courtesy of McSorley Sport Consulting:

1. Static Cable Left Leg

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 3.33.29 PM

In the static cable left leg, you will be standing on your left leg only while holding on to a stable object with your right arm. Your body is leaned over to the left as if you are about to fall. You will begin to squat at an angle. The right leg will be slightly off the ground throughout the whole motion but tracking the floor in a straight line. In the video above, the athlete is using a turn belt attached to a tree to hold onto.

 2. Static Cable Right leg

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 3.34.56 PM

In the static cable right leg, you are now standing on your right leg only, still leaned over to the left as if you are about to fall. You are holding on to a stable object with your right arm, This time your left leg is bent and off the ground as you squat at an angle. In both videos, the athlete is using a speed skating turn belt which is a training tool they use. However for general fitness goals, a turn belt is not necessary. Here’s what you can do. Either of these methods will create the same effect as a turn belt would more or less.

• Find a stable object and attach and  secure a strong nylon strap to hold on to.

• Find a stable object to hold onto with a straightened out arm but range of motion may be limited

Tips and Conclusion

Make sure you repeat both drills on left and right side of your body.You can add weight like holding on to a Kettlebell, or putting on a weighted vest to make it more challenging. Your other option is to increase repetitions. I personally prefer increasing the reps and keep it as a bodyweight exercise, but I adding weight is a great option as well. Another element you can add is an explosive hop at the top of the movement. Try these drills out to help switch up your leg routine and stimulate those muscles in areas never felt before. The side of your legs is where you will probably feel it the most and it burns. Enjoy!